28 September 2018

Today I had the problem of one of my light detectors now working. The light to indicate that it saw black was always and it did not turn off when it saw white. I have not yet fixed this problem but I think it has something to do with the wiring and they not being connected properly because when there is just enough tension on the wires it does work and the light goes off. I did also continue writing my code to make it go forward using the line sensors. I am finding it hard to understand what I am doing and what I am supposed to do to make it go but I think I will work it out but it is not as I thought it would be.

21 September 2018

This lesson I did attempt to make the robot go forward and follow the line sensor. I didn’t work. The speed controller did not work for most of it. I did spend most of the lesson trying to figure out what was wrong, all the wiring was in the right place and it was all connector right so I did not know what was wrong. I thought it might have been something to do with the power coming in from the battery so I did take it all out and switch the wires around but it still didn’t work. I did eventually fix it but it took a long time and I spent most of the day just doing it but it works now. The issue is that it could only do full throttle or none but I wanted half to make it turn just a little bit so it turns more smooth. The robot works well now and I hope I do not face anymore issues like that.

14 September 2018

This lesson I did work more on making my sensors work and make sure that they were all labeled correctly in my code for example the “lineM” meaning middle line detector was actually the one on the right. This did cause a lot of confusion before I worked out what was happening. To figure out which one is which I would comment out all the code except the part that says to display the numbers of that one line detector, I did repeat this for all three of the line sectors. It did take a long time to do all of them but it is all fixed now.  The chassis has started to bend a bit because of all the weight on it. I do not think I made the walls high enough to stop it bending. If I could remake it that is one of the things I would fix, I would also like to move the holes for the wheels over so there is more room between them.

7 September 2018

Today I made my robot move forward. It was nice to see my robot move for the first time. I found some of the cabling was put in the wrong places but it was a easy fix once I found out where they go. I did use voids once I got it forward to make the code shorter and make it easier to read and make more when I continue to expand it. Today I did also test my ultrasonic sensors so I could tell how far away the wall will be. I also made my light sensor pick up light and dark and display them which you can see in the video.

int ea = 3;      
int eb = 7;       
int lf = 4;  
int lb = 2; 
int rf = 6;  
int rb = 5; 

void fwd()

void stop()

void setup() {}

void loop() 
  while (1==1)
    fwd ();
    delay (5000);
    stop ();
    delay (2000);


31 August 2018

To day I started coding the robot. We used arduino to code it. I did have to learn how to use it which took most of the day. The most I got to happen on The robot is make a light flash on it. It was cool to watch it happen but I am exited to make it go around the track using light sensors. It is hard to learn arduino because there are a lot more functions like “pinMode”  There are a lot more new ones than I thought there would be. The next challenge is making the wheels turn to make it go forward. The wires do look a bit messy and the light sensor cables do just reach with a stretch. The whole I also made for the cables is smaller than it looks in Fusion 360 which makes it harder but they all still fit.

24 August 2018

Today I did make a wiring diagram for the robot in Frits. It does look nice I think, but it took a long time to make. I did also label the parts in it. It took way longer than I thought it world but that good because I think I did it right.

17 August 2018

Today I did all the wiring which was hard but it is all done now. I did have to copy sieves’ diagram a bit to find out where things went. Some of the wires are to small so its a bit of a stretch to fit them but I did find a way. The wires are color full. I did try to color code it so its red for power, Green for ground, yellow or orange for sensors. The only wiring thing left to do is to put the power in it. It looks messy but that is okay because its cool.

10 August

Today I saw my robot and it looks cool. It is smaller than I expected but that is okay. I have put the components on it or started and they do look cool. The display does look the best to me because it does fit well. The seconds layers holes are smaller than I made them in Fusion 360 for some reason but I did make them bigger not it does fit and look cool. The boards do fit well and I do like how it is. I did miss measure how the wheels should go on so they were to close together so I did have to move both of them over my about 10 mm by drilling new holes and it does look bad. The holes did not drill well so there was some broken chassis but it still fits.

3 August 2018

Today I did Extrude all the sketches to make it look like a robot and how I want it to. I do like how it looks and how there are different levels on it, I did also make a place for the battery that I do like and that my light sensors are adjustable so they can be made to go closer to the ground if they do not pick up properly. I think it will be low already so it can not go over bumps or anything. It was going to be printed today but its not quite done so I will come back on Thursday to fix it up so it can print. I am exited to see it when its done

27 July 2018

Today was the first day back and I forgot a lot of what I knew but I got back into it and now I have put where I want most of my things. Some things do not fit like I want them to but that is fine. I have done most of the sketch which I do not really like because it takes ages and I am worried I am going to make something wrong then it wont work and I will have to drill. So I am making sure that it is all correct. I am unsure about the sonar holders and that they are too small and the things will not fit in them. There are a lot of holes for the screws and I am also worried I will get them wrong. It feels like there is a lot of work to do.