Final 2019 Post (maybe)

Heya, it’s ya boi Clark here. Haven’t been updating in a while, I wasn’t in class the Friday October 18th because I was sick. But the reason I haven’t uploaded my progress from the first week holiday was because I was planning to have a fully edited good quality video, detailing the progress I’ve made and such. The problem was that I was working on the video on and off due to other works I have, I wasn’t completely focus on finishing the video but that isn’t even the worst part. The video I was working on got corrupted, I got annoyed and demotivated till recently. So here’s the update:

I added some electrical tape on the back of the controller so that i wouldn’t ruin the circuit connectivity.

So, the problem with the controller was that the controls was reversed. With a little bit of problem solving and managed to fix it ( it was as simple as changing the wiring).

The diagram I made on what the problem is
Testing whether it’s fixed or not. It is thankfully

Another problem I encountered was that the battery was hanging too low to the ground so I had to increase the height of the PBD.

Anyways, with the controller being all sorted, here’s the meat and potato of the project.
Flight :

First Proper Flight:

This was the first test, I didn’t fully know how to control it well but I was learning to.

Second test:
The second test was better than the first, I had better control of the hover and movement of the drone

There may or may not be some parts that I forgot to add but for the most part that’s the most important ones. If there ever was some information I need to act then I’ll add another Post.

Make sure to calibrate the controller before flight

Clark Boriga Out 🙂

October UPDATE Pt.1

EYYYY. This is my last hurra till I lose my breath. JK JK…….. Unless…..

So, what the has ya boi, Me (Clark), done in this past three days. You’d be surprise as to how much progress I manage to make, so was I. I didn’t really think I’d do as much progress as this but here we are.

Day 2: Oct 1
I started working on the Transceiver (controller), at the time it seems to be working properly. But turns out there was some small things that made it so that it wasn’t working properly. I manage to make it work in the Mission Planner but it wasn’t working as it should.

This is the test I did, turns out it wasn’t suppose to be like this

Day 3: Oct 2
I Tried to use the transceiver but it still wasn’t working properly, here’s the test.

What I did to try and fix this issue is to re solder both the Joystick:
(video coming soon)

That seemed to fix the problem but then I encountered a different one. The throttle and the Yaw was being powered by the same joystick input.
I had to ask Steve for help, we checked if there was a problem with the joystick by using a multi-meter. They seemed alright, there was no problem with the joystick nor the Arduino Nano. Turns out the problem was with the soldering.

The Transceiver before fixing it.

Turns out a tiny bit of solder was making two connections link so when I use the joystick it powers both throttle and Yaw. But with some soldering, this problem was quickly solved. After this I tried using it again and it worked fine.


September 30 2019

Clark’s the name and working in the holidays is…. what I have to do.
So pretty much I have to get this done or else I won’t. Simple as that.
What have I done so far? Well, I updated the layout of the site, as you can see, but what have I done?

This is what the site looked like before. Pretty simple, uses one of the themes. Simple.

Here is what it looks like now. I added a background picture that isn’t to distracting, change the font and it’s colour, but I kept it simple like before.

I used CSS to update it and here’s the code for that:

body {
  background-image: url("");
} {
  background-image: url("");

.wrap {
  color: #ffffff;
  font-size: 101%;
  font-weight: 100;
  font-variant: small-caps;
  text-transform: lowercase;
  background-repeat: repeat-x;
  background-size: cover;
  opacity: 1;

.home {
  text-align: justify;

That’s all for now. I’ll catch up with ya tomorrow.

September 27 2019

Hey, it me. Back with update. Last week today (well last friday) I made some progress on making the drone a drone. I connected the speed controllers to the and the Arduino Shield into the APM Pro. I also added some wires to the sonars which I’ll work on later.

This is how the wires look like connected to the shield. The left side is for the transceiver and the right is for the APM Pro.

I also Updated the position of the Transceiver, I used a shorter wire so I had to reposition it.

Here is what the APM Pro looks like with the wires connected to it.

Also finished with the controller, I soldered the wires at the front and back of the battery holder, added a resistor so that the battery would only output the amount of power needed. I also tested it out and it worked.

Here’s what the drone looks like now.

September 13 2019

“With two more days to go, little to no time left, will our heroes manage to finish the drone or will they perish?’

Hey, it me c l a r k . Today, pretty alright, made quite some progress and I reckon I’ll be coding soon (to be fair, should’ve started sooner). Anyways here’s w̶o̶n̶d̶e̶r̶w̶a̶l̶l some pics:

Added new and better legs so I could actually hold the battery pack at the bottom. The earlier one was too short so the battery ended up touching the surface below, which would defeat the purpose of the stand.

Slowly moving on to connecting everything together, I added this part to the Nano Shield. It connects to the Power Distribution Board. Hoping to do more soon.

And finally, I fixed up the solder on the PBD, Nick told me to make it stronger by adding more solder because otherwise it would get torn. I also added the new wires on the 12V and GND.

We also learned about the about the lithium battery, and we checked if there was anything wrong with our batteries. That’s pretty much it for today

September 6 Update

Eyo, it’s ya boi, Clark.
Back with update.

Today is quite the opposite of last week’s. I actually manage to make quite some progress. I planned an addition to my design for the power distribution broad, the part that connects to the battery needed a hole to fit in. i made a hole on the wooden sheet but it’s a change I will have to make for the final print.
Here’s some pics:

Here’s the plan for the design addition

I also almost finished my controller. I added wires, the battery holder and fixed where the switch should be. I also helped Aryansh with his.
Here’s mine:


That’s pretty much it, it might not seem a lot but they do take time to finish.

August 23 Update

So, not much today. I kept working on the drone. Still need to do some work. I also did some soldering, I forgot to take a video of it but here is what it looks like now:

looks like Dr. Octovia’s tentacles

And here is what the drone looks like now, not much changed to be honest:

We had an open day today, seems like quite a bit of people are interested so that’s kinda cool.

August 9 & 16 (late) Update

August 9:

Today, I tried to set up my drone model for printing, turns out the sizes aren’t proper, which means that my parts would not fit. Which also means that I’ll have to resize the whole drone, I had to make it big enough for it to fit the parts but small enough to fit the size limit of 200 x 180.

This is the design that I thought was finished
Here’s what it would’ve looked like if I had printed this design.

It wasn’t difficult to change the measurements and design of the drone, but it was quite annoying to have to change the design for the third time now. The first time was because the design wasn’t working, the design didn’t made sense so I started it from scratch with the same basic shape. I had to stay in till 4 p.m. just to finish the design and print it, it was alright though, I had nothing going on after school anyway, ahaha…..

here’s the updated design

Anyways, here’s some video of the drone printing:

We used wood as a material to print the design, wood is a renewable material which means that wouldn’t be as wasteful if something wrong happens. The wood that’s left behind could also be recycled.
And, here’s what the print looks like:

Aug 16:

Sup, it’s me again. Today I tried to piece together the drone, fitting the parts in and such, to be honest it didn’t looked half bad. There’s some holes that didn’t fully matched but otherwise it looked great.

We also got a printed circuit board for the controller, it was given to us to save time since it’d take a while to actually print all different types of circuit boards.

August 2 2019 Update

Yo! Clark here, back from vacation.
So, the deadline is ever so coming closer. Today we made progress on making having a printed circuit for a controller. Turns out you have to make the circuits on EAGLE, so the one I made isn’t completely useful. Steve had to make the other parts for the EAGLE so we can make the controller. I probably could’ve used that time to finish my drone, which I’m currently trying to do so Steve could print them before next Friday. Anyways, here’s progress:


*The post didn’t publish but I made this post in the on Aug 2*


So, I also did some soldering today. Steve taught us some tricks as to how to solder.
Here’s a video of how I did it on my own

warning: Might contain swear, some may not like swear and I don’t know how to remove it so if you don’t like just mute and play some music.

Here’s the final products: