May 10 2019 Update

It’s ya boi back again with an update.

Today I started with my second design which will be based more on my sketches.

I know it looks weird, but i forgot what i was going for. I made this last term.

But before I started this, I fixed up my blog (kinda).
I added some more blog that needed to be added, I added a menu for 2019 and 2018 posts which is here:

That’s all for today, I know I still need to add that research but I swear I will.

May 3 2019 Update

Late Update #1

Today, we worked on trying to add an ultrasonic sensor to our drone design.
Had some trouble trying to figure out where to put it since my drone is a bit too small.
Still don’t have a proper design at the moment, hopefully I’ll figure it out soon enough.


I based my design off this picture, with some change in the design. This just helps with the basic idea of the drone’s shape.