May 24, 2019 (LAAATE UPDATE)

This day we got some of the parts for our drone. Here’s the part list:

5 Ultrasonic Sensor
5 Ultrasonic Bracket
3 2.54 mm Male Header Strip
4 20 amp Electronic Speed Controllers
2 NRF24LO1 +A Transevers
2 Arduino Nano
2 USB Cable
2 Joystick1 Two-Way 18650 Battery Holder
1 AMP Pro Flight Controller
1 Funduino Nano Shield
1 Battery Strap
1 11.1v 1500mah Lipo Battery
2 Level Converter

(I’ll add pictures when I get them back)

Also, I was sick last week so I couldn’t go to school.
No May 31 Update