August 9 & 16 (late) Update

August 9:

Today, I tried to set up my drone model for printing, turns out the sizes aren’t proper, which means that my parts would not fit. Which also means that I’ll have to resize the whole drone, I had to make it big enough for it to fit the parts but small enough to fit the size limit of 200 x 180.

This is the design that I thought was finished
Here’s what it would’ve looked like if I had printed this design.

It wasn’t difficult to change the measurements and design of the drone, but it was quite annoying to have to change the design for the third time now. The first time was because the design wasn’t working, the design didn’t made sense so I started it from scratch with the same basic shape. I had to stay in till 4 p.m. just to finish the design and print it, it was alright though, I had nothing going on after school anyway, ahaha…..

here’s the updated design

Anyways, here’s some video of the drone printing:

We used wood as a material to print the design, wood is a renewable material which means that wouldn’t be as wasteful if something wrong happens. The wood that’s left behind could also be recycled.
And, here’s what the print looks like:

Aug 16:

Sup, it’s me again. Today I tried to piece together the drone, fitting the parts in and such, to be honest it didn’t looked half bad. There’s some holes that didn’t fully matched but otherwise it looked great.

We also got a printed circuit board for the controller, it was given to us to save time since it’d take a while to actually print all different types of circuit boards.

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