September 27 2019

Hey, it me. Back with update. Last week today (well last friday) I made some progress on making the drone a drone. I connected the speed controllers to the and the Arduino Shield into the APM Pro. I also added some wires to the sonars which I’ll work on later.

This is how the wires look like connected to the shield. The left side is for the transceiver and the right is for the APM Pro.

I also Updated the position of the Transceiver, I used a shorter wire so I had to reposition it.

Here is what the APM Pro looks like with the wires connected to it.

Also finished with the controller, I soldered the wires at the front and back of the battery holder, added a resistor so that the battery would only output the amount of power needed. I also tested it out and it worked.

Here’s what the drone looks like now.

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