October UPDATE Pt.1

EYYYY. This is my last hurra till I lose my breath. JK JK…….. Unless…..

So, what the has ya boi, Me (Clark), done in this past three days. You’d be surprise as to how much progress I manage to make, so was I. I didn’t really think I’d do as much progress as this but here we are.

Day 2: Oct 1
I started working on the Transceiver (controller), at the time it seems to be working properly. But turns out there was some small things that made it so that it wasn’t working properly. I manage to make it work in the Mission Planner but it wasn’t working as it should.

This is the test I did, turns out it wasn’t suppose to be like this

Day 3: Oct 2
I Tried to use the transceiver but it still wasn’t working properly, here’s the test.

What I did to try and fix this issue is to re solder both the Joystick:
(video coming soon)

That seemed to fix the problem but then I encountered a different one. The throttle and the Yaw was being powered by the same joystick input.
I had to ask Steve for help, we checked if there was a problem with the joystick by using a multi-meter. They seemed alright, there was no problem with the joystick nor the Arduino Nano. Turns out the problem was with the soldering.

The Transceiver before fixing it.

Turns out a tiny bit of solder was making two connections link so when I use the joystick it powers both throttle and Yaw. But with some soldering, this problem was quickly solved. After this I tried using it again and it worked fine.


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