Final 2019 Post (maybe)

Heya, it’s ya boi Clark here. Haven’t been updating in a while, I wasn’t in class the Friday October 18th because I was sick. But the reason I haven’t uploaded my progress from the first week holiday was because I was planning to have a fully edited good quality video, detailing the progress I’ve made and such. The problem was that I was working on the video on and off due to other works I have, I wasn’t completely focus on finishing the video but that isn’t even the worst part. The video I was working on got corrupted, I got annoyed and demotivated till recently. So here’s the update:

I added some electrical tape on the back of the controller so that i wouldn’t ruin the circuit connectivity.

So, the problem with the controller was that the controls was reversed. With a little bit of problem solving and managed to fix it ( it was as simple as changing the wiring).

The diagram I made on what the problem is
Testing whether it’s fixed or not. It is thankfully

Another problem I encountered was that the battery was hanging too low to the ground so I had to increase the height of the PBD.

Anyways, with the controller being all sorted, here’s the meat and potato of the project.
Flight :

First Proper Flight:

This was the first test, I didn’t fully know how to control it well but I was learning to.

Second test:
The second test was better than the first, I had better control of the hover and movement of the drone

There may or may not be some parts that I forgot to add but for the most part that’s the most important ones. If there ever was some information I need to act then I’ll add another Post.

Make sure to calibrate the controller before flight

Clark Boriga Out 🙂