T3 Day 7

 Today, I put an end to the legacy of ‘ EPIC GAMER BOI ‘ , I disassemble the robot to make it suit a more autonomous design. It was sad disassembling the robot, not only because I like the robot, but also because I realize I could have just started from the base design.

Here’s a pic:

T3 Day 6

Today, me and Shea teamed up to make the Vex EDR Robot fit the criteria for the task we were suppose to do.
In the first half we were rebuilding the robot and on the second half, I finish the robot while Shea works on the code.

Here’s some picture of the robot:

T 3 Day 4:

Today was a pretty chill day, we started on a new task. We had to work on a bunch of the virtual world challenges for Vex IQ.

We had to earn badges and show evidence of our codes. Here are some of my codes:

T3 Day 3:

Today we had an open day, students from different schools came to check out what EIT had to offer. Me and Aryansh tried to improve our robot by modifying it more, I added a drill at the back while Aryansh made the robot more sturdy.
We compete on a slightly different version of ‘Smash N’ Stash’. This time, we just had to score points, we won the first game. Afterwards we had to team up with another Vex IQ and compete with an EDR robot. We also won this round because we are awesome.

Here’s the pic or our Robot:

T 3 Day 2:

Today, other people in the class compete with a different version of the “Smash ‘N Stash” Game. But we were busy trying to improve our robot and now it looks like this:

Term 3 Day 1:

Today we started the “Smash ‘N Stash” Competition.

We won, next week (this week because late post) we’ll get free lunch.

Here’s a picture of our robot.

Term 2 Day 2

Today we started with coding for the assessment, I made progress but I can’t show it yet for reasons.

I will hopefully finish it next week.

Day 9:

Today we worked on coding a virtual robot. We played around building a map to test out the codes we made last week. The code I made last week was saved on my own disk drive, which is currently inaccessible. We made codes that allows the virtual robot to go through a virtual orchard. 

Day 8:

Today, we started playing around with codes.