New Parts

Here are some new parts that we got from today.

2x 5040 R and 2x 5040 Propeller
Micro USB Cable
Matek PDB – XT60 (power distribution board)

Now this, this is a Matek PDB – XT60, a power distribution board. This is where the battery connects to so that it can power every other parts of the drone.

June 21 Update

I worked on some Fritzing. I made the transceiver in Fritzing and here’s the what I got so far.

here’s a before
What I currently have

Hopefully I get more done in a couple weeks. That’s all for now

June 14 Update

Today we started working on out our transceivers.

Here’s a picture of my transmitter.
Here’s my Receiver

It was alright. we also learned about the channels. They’re set up so they can meet each other.

June 7 Update

Yo, it’s yah bOIIIIII.

So today, we made a makeshift a controller. Here’s a picture:

It’s alright. We also started on wireless connectivity with the controller. It’s nice to see how so much code is used for just the controller.

May 24, 2019 (LAAATE UPDATE)

This day we got some of the parts for our drone. Here’s the part list:

5 Ultrasonic Sensor
5 Ultrasonic Bracket
3 2.54 mm Male Header Strip
4 20 amp Electronic Speed Controllers
2 NRF24LO1 +A Transevers
2 Arduino Nano
2 USB Cable
2 Joystick1 Two-Way 18650 Battery Holder
1 AMP Pro Flight Controller
1 Funduino Nano Shield
1 Battery Strap
1 11.1v 1500mah Lipo Battery
2 Level Converter

(I’ll add pictures when I get them back)

Also, I was sick last week so I couldn’t go to school.
No May 31 Update

May 10 2019 Update

It’s ya boi back again with an update.

Today I started with my second design which will be based more on my sketches.

I know it looks weird, but i forgot what i was going for. I made this last term.

But before I started this, I fixed up my blog (kinda).
I added some more blog that needed to be added, I added a menu for 2019 and 2018 posts which is here:

That’s all for today, I know I still need to add that research but I swear I will.

May 3 2019 Update

Late Update #1

Today, we worked on trying to add an ultrasonic sensor to our drone design.
Had some trouble trying to figure out where to put it since my drone is a bit too small.
Still don’t have a proper design at the moment, hopefully I’ll figure it out soon enough.


I based my design off this picture, with some change in the design. This just helps with the basic idea of the drone’s shape.

Day 9 Term 1

How’s it going, it’s ya Boi back with another update post.
Today we explored the software Eagle.
Eagle is an Autodesk software that allows users to create circuit boards for printing.

It was hard to get into, there are many things we had to do and things to double check.

Here’s a screen shot of what we made:

That’s all for today folks, there might be some more research to be posted but that depends if I finish it or not (hopefully finish).

ᴀxᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴀɴ ᴀɪʀᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ

An aircraft in flight is controlled by three rotation axes. The three axes rotations are Longitude, Lateral, and Vertical. All three of the axes meets at the center of gravity of the aircraft. As the aircraft pivots, the axes pivots around the center of gravity, hence why the center of gravity is also referred to as the center of rotation. The axis can be simplified to Roll (longitude), Pitch (lateral), and Yaw (vertical).

examples of axes on an airplane