Term 3 Day 1:

Today we started the “Smash ‘N Stash” Competition.

We won, next week (this week because late post) we’ll get free lunch.

Here’s a picture of our robot.

Term 2 Day 2

Today we started with coding for the assessment, I made progress but I can’t show it yet for reasons.

I will hopefully finish it next week.

Day 9:

Today we worked on coding a virtual robot. We played around building a map to test out the codes we made last week. The code I made last week was saved on my own disk drive, which is currently inaccessible. We made codes that allows the virtual robot to go through a virtual orchard. 

Day 8:

Today, we started playing around with codes.



Day 3:

We worked on our fidget spinner, we made our two models and worked on making them better.

We had an assessment on literacy and numeracy.

Then we had to finish an assignment given to us.

Day 2:

Today we played around Fusion 360, we had to make our own accounts.

I also set up a new account for google classroom.

We made paper planes to explain what a prototype is.

Day 1:

We had an orientation at the start as an introduction to the new student. We then had pizzas then got split to our own classes.

Once in class, we had to take a test.  It was about computer part and how much we know about computers.