week 1 term 4

Its the final few hours before our prizegiving. Steve suggested yesterday that I do something new with the LED display on the front of our robot. I decided to make a number plate with it that flashes between ‘Roboboi’ with numbers, and ‘andy is noice.’ Just final touches on the robot. done and dusted!

week 9 term 3

I will be away next week and so will need to come back sometime during the holidays or Thursday to finish off most likely. The problem with my¬†robots sensors didn’t seem to be in be coding itself, so i’m going to go over the wiring with one of the teachers to see if I can … Continue reading week 9 term 3

week 8 term 3

this week I have run into a problem with my lines sensors that operate my robot!? IMG_0361 When activated the left light sensor will move both wheels, whereas the right light sensor seems to only be activating one of the wheels, causing it to constantly turn left when the sensor activates. This is probably a … Continue reading week 8 term 3

week 7 term 3

Was away week 6. this week I had to rearrange my wiring diagram as i mismatched some of my wires, incorrect to the diagram. My robot is now almost fully functional, but there is a slight problem wit some of the coding I believe. As each of the light sensors is set to move a … Continue reading week 7 term 3

Week 5 term 3

I was away in wellington week four so missed that lesson; will be catching up with it sometime next week. Today we drew up our diagram of our wiring and how all the wiring’s connect together. I assume we will be doing the programming for it next week. It probably needs more editing so I’ll … Continue reading Week 5 term 3

week 3 term 3

Today i’ve started assembling my robot together. The heat sensor sits on top, where the other wires will also sit. Today will will just be assembling.

Week 2, term 3

Our robots have been successfully printed! My chassis was the most expensive at around 700 dollars. Hopefully it works OK so it doesn’t turn out to be a waste of money. I’m starting to drill in the holes necessary for the robot engines and batteries to fit in, and will¬† have them finished by next … Continue reading Week 2, term 3

Week 1 Term 3

We have finished designing off our robot chassis today. I came in an extra day on Tuesday to help finish it off because it was too wide for the printer. Steve has it printing over the course of the weekend so i can add the components next week. My robot is only going to use … Continue reading Week 1 Term 3

week 10 term 2

While I made really good progress today on making my 3D printed chassis i didn’t manage to get it finished: I think we’re gonna come back during the holidays to finish it off. My design is that of a tricycle or a quad, basically a snowmobile. This is how I’ve designed the chassis so far. … Continue reading week 10 term 2

week 9 term 2

Im not sure what happened by most of my save drafted blogs were not saved when my computer crashed, so Ill have to redo them another time.We have started designing the chassis for our own robots using Fusion 360 this week. I’m looking at a few older designs before having a go at mine.