All’s well, it ends well.

Today was our last day at trades for 2019. And for our last day, we went to the airfield to test my drone, but if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you’ll know that my drone is little more than a plank with motors attached. But it doesn’t matter, over the past 9 […]

My designed was flawed.

This week I gave my drone design another look, and saw that the holes were askew and some design elements were flawed, so I decided to fix them, It’s very late into the Term and I decide to do this? Sounds risky, but it had to be done. Here’s the updated version: I moved the […]

Building my drone – Term 3 Week 4

Yes! Thanks to Steve and Nick (our tutors) many of our chassis were ready this morning, including mine! I can finally start constructing my drone. I started with popping out the pieces out of the base and sandpapered the rough edges, this was pretty tedious so my friend helped me. These were just practice chassis […]

Milling n’ Drilling – Week 3 Term 3

This week we started milling out our drone chassis. Nick helped me with the manufacturing settings in Fusion 360, we tuned the settings which we thought we’re correct at the time and started milling. Almost immediately we found problems. 1: It was not drilling deep enough 2: It was not drilling certain parts (motor holes) […]

Time Management and Inkscape.

This week we had to sort out our time management and list it down according to what we have to do, and also update it according to what we have accomplished.. or not 😛 I also started to shape my PCB, here is my first design. It’s a basic shape kind of looking like a […]

PCB Custom shaping for my RC!

Hey guys! So this week we got given multiple tasks, such as:1. Design an Eagle CAD and/or Fritzing diagram of transmitter and receiver2. Design a PCB for the transmitter3. Make an LED turn via transmitting a signal to the receiver. I started from the top, and went with Fritzing. I chose Fritzing rather than Eagle […]


This week we virtually edited our transceiver wiring on the Fritzing software. In the application I editing some placing of the wires and cleaned up the wires. On some of the parts they are not exactly the same pieces as we used on our real Arduino setup, so we had to make some changes. Here’s […]

Coding for Ultrasonic Sensors

This week we began to code our ultrasonic sensors to pick up distance (like how far it is from a wall). Steve went in depth into the “if” and “else” statements, I learnt that “==” is equal to, “!=” is NOT equal to, and “<=” is less than. Above (↑) is the 1st part of […]

Refining the craft.

This week was a bit of a wake up call for us, as Steve told us that some of us were lacking in posting blogs, I don’t think I have missed any blog posts so far, but think I can improve on them. For the majority of the day we updated of blogs and designed […]