3 August – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Level 3 students continue to work with Steve making their robot chassis with components.  They have to investigate wiring their robot and its associated components.  Some of the students are a little behind with their Fusion 360 work.  That is going to hold them up because it takes a while to print.




The Level 2 students have a new fun assignment to do called Smash and Stash where they have to assemble a robot that can push or carry a ball into a goal area while defending themselves from other robots trying to stop them.  Only the IQ’s can defend and beat themselves and the EDR the same for obvious reasons.

The rules are that you have to get the ball in the other sides goal without being wrecked by the other teams.  Some of the designs were very effective with some of them being unbeaten…name Clark, Aryansh with the IQ and Shea with the EDR.  None of the other teams could beat them.  Hence the reason for their winning a lunch from Dominos.

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