7 September – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today once again I am continuing with my blog and am almost up to date with all the work required .  Here is a pic of one of the Curriculum Challenge badges that I have received.  I have a few more to do so will get on with that today.

It’s amazing how addictive this can be in completing each challenge.  It makes up for the fact that we don’t have enough robots for each student and makes it a little more exciting for them to learn.  It’s more interactive and more up to date and the skills learned are ones that can be easily transferred into other areas like coding for arduino as the Level 3 students are doing at the moment.

31 August – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today I looked at completing my blog, mainly because I hadn’t filled it in and it only had the first blog I had done which was the trip to the museum.  I got our plans out and used them to remind me of what we had done each week of term.  It made me see that we had done a lot of work this year.  Our group has basically finished all their assessments for the year, so the assignments we are doing are extra evidence to go along with the work they have done.

I have done a lot of work in my Virtual worlds assignment and only have a few challenges left to do.  Here are some of the ones that I have completed.  I also add in the coding because I am proud of the work that I have achieved here.

Here are some challenges and next I have a challenge with the coding as well – this took me a while to complete because I was distracted by other students and the work they wanted help with.  Even now some of them are being distracted by others not doing their work.  Usually they are a very good bunch of workers and just need a little guidance to redirect them back to their work.

Here is the code for the above badge:

That is enough for today – I will continue next week.




24 August – Trades Academy Computer Technicx

Worked on the Virtual worlds assignment and did some work with the RVW Level Builder to make a game which is part of the assignment.  Its amazing how different it looks in 2D and in real life.  I thought the balls were really small and it worked out they were much bigger.  Here is my first pic that I got for my game:

You can see that its a simple maze where you start in the start box and finishes in the stop box.  You cannot touch any of the walls and there is a time limit.  You have to do this with your robot autonomously so using RobotC to do your coding was quite easy which shows how far I have come in my learning.  Next I am going to show you what you see when you are actually going through the maze:

It looks a lot different doesn’t it?  It was fun to make and it took a lot of time to get it done and I wonder how people can make the more detailed games; it must take forever, but then again they probably have more knowledge than me.

17 August – Trades Academy Computer Technician

We got given a new assignment called “Virtual Worlds” which looks at the Challenge Pack and all the badges you can get.

There are a number of badges in this world to get and then there are more in the Curriculum Companion for Vex which mean that we are kept on our toes making sure that we do the correct code to complete what is required.  Some of the challenges are really hard and need a steady hand or brain to complete them.