24 August – Trades Academy Computer Technicx

Worked on the Virtual worlds assignment and did some work with the RVW Level Builder to make a game which is part of the assignment.  Its amazing how different it looks in 2D and in real life.  I thought the balls were really small and it worked out they were much bigger.  Here is my first pic that I got for my game:

You can see that its a simple maze where you start in the start box and finishes in the stop box.  You cannot touch any of the walls and there is a time limit.  You have to do this with your robot autonomously so using RobotC to do your coding was quite easy which shows how far I have come in my learning.  Next I am going to show you what you see when you are actually going through the maze:

It looks a lot different doesn’t it?  It was fun to make and it took a lot of time to get it done and I wonder how people can make the more detailed games; it must take forever, but then again they probably have more knowledge than me.

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