1 June – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today we had a change of pace where Steve took half of our class with him to the computer lab to look at hardware which is a part of one of the unit standards we need to complete.  He will be :

  • demonstrating safe working practices including static protection
  • working with compressed air

Students will be doing the following:

  • completing job cards
  • dismantle PC including the removal of CPU and heat sink
  • clean motherboard and chassis using air, vacuum and other cleaning tools
  • clean off old heat sink compound
  • reinstall CPU and heat sink with new compound
  • reinstall other components and correctly complete connections
  • install a new OS
  • record everything onto your job card



25 May – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Assignments due in so there was a race to get both done before the end of the day.  It was only now that some of the students realized that they hadn’t taken any photos or videos of their work.  Panic stations for some.  A lot of the work had been done but no evidence is still no evidence and this would impact greatly on their marks and pass grades.  I was being very tough and making sure that they have pass marks of 80% and above.

Here is an example of my requirements especially where evidence was concerned:

This was needed in the challenge brief that was  needed as part of an assessment for a unit standard.

11 May – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today we continued with our learning of coding in RobotC.  Steve provided us with sample code to help especially when using our sensors.  Most of us are getting good at using voids.  It does help a lot when writing code.  We also had to make sure that we include comments with our code.  Our task for this week was to program the robot to go through a maze autonomously.

Here is the task:It looks easy but still new code for us to learn about:


4 May – Trades Academy Computer Technician

We looked at working with our robots today changing them to include sensors, some students used examples given while some used their own skills of experimentation.  The sensors needed were distance, led, bumper and gyro.

Here are some pictures of students making their robots:














Zoe working on hers, Andreas below





James and Aihe working hard   with Andy and Phillip working with their EDR kits





April 6 – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today we looked at Natural language coding, sensors for line detecting. There was also a new assignment on classroom called Create a simple program which is one of the assessments we have to complete.  Steve talked about things like 3 basic elements: expressions, statements and functions and showed us how to set up functions using voids I have included a copy of code to show voids

Another thing we looked at was using the website code2flow.org to make a flowchart of our code,  here is my example:



April 13 – Trades Academy Computer Technician

Today we carried on with our work for our create a simple program assignment.  It is due in next week.

We also had a visit from Ken York and Tina Blumenthal to talk about the programs that they teach.  It helped that they had heaps of pizzas for us to eat!!

Next thing we looked at was RobotC Virtual Worlds package that we have a class license for.  All students had to put in the license and it was a chance for us to program virtual robots without having to have the real thing.


Our trip to the Museum

Today our class went to the Da Vinci exhibit at Tairawhiti museum.  It was really interesting and tied in perfectly with our robots theme.  Its hard to believe that a man born 500+ years ago had these ideas and that a lot of these ideas have been incorporated into our lives today.  An amazing time with  all the students getting something out of our trip.

After the trip we came back to class and did some coding with our robots.