25/10/19 Last day of Trades

Today our class went out to the airfield to test fly the drones we have completed, however some of us including me hadn’t completed our drones so we just watched or filmed the other students. But if you kept up with your blog you could still potentially get an achievement. This was also our last day

Last day for term 3

Today I re-soldered the cables to the PCB board , I also attached the sensors to there respective places, then I worked on my controller by screwing the joysticks to the board. Then I attached the arduino board to the top of the drone chassis .


Today I soldered the joysticks to the controller board, which at first was pretty frustrating as the pins kept falling out, but I managed to get it done.

Friday the 13 of 2000 and 19

Today I started soldering the components to the controller board, at first I was making lots of mistakes as I didn’t know how to do it, so I got assistance from Nick and another student. I still need to finish soldering the other components onto the board.


Today I soldered the Electronic speed controllers to the mainboard and then I connected that thing to that other thing and then I was going to work on that other thing. Next week I think ill do my controller


Today I soldered the propeller motors to the 20 amp electronic speed controllers, at first the solder wasn’t sticking until one of the teachers told me that there is something wrong with that iron. After I did that I had to swap the motors around, I also spent hours trying to figure out where to place the rest of the components.

Experimental Drone frame completed

Today some of us students completed designing our drone frames, at first I thought I wasn’t going to have a completed drone frame because of my last minute change to design a new frame that would hold all the components whereas my previous design couldn’t.

Completed drone frame

Last day for Term 2. Oh word

Today I restarted my drone frame as I realized the other frame was not going to have enough space to hold all the components and there was not enough width between each wing. We also had to design a transmitter and receiver thing using Eagle-CAD, however most of us used Fritzing because it was a lot easier.

Week 2 of Term 2

Today I worked on perfecting my drone chassis, by doing slight tweaks and adding slots on the arms as mounts for the motor, I was also hoping to start on designing a base for the ultrasonic sensor which is going to be installed underneath on my drone. HowToday I worked on completing my drone chassis, by doing little tweaks and adding slots on the arms as mounts for the motor, I was also hoping to have a fully completed base for the ultrasonic sensor which is going to be mounted underneath on my drone ever I’ll try and get this completed next week. Here is a screenshot of my drone chassis as of today.

Drone Chassis

22/02/19 – Arduino and coding

int led = 13;
void setup()
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
void ledflash(int time)
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
void loop(){