Week of the 8th June 2017

Week of the 8th June 2017

This week students worked on preliminary design concepts for their autonomous robotics project. This week many students created an original base unit using Autodesk Fusion 360. Their base structural design should have made use of the following dimensions on the example drawing.

Once the design has been completed students should then render the component using the rendering tools in Fusion 360. Students may choose any material to render with as these textures will not be applied to the final product. An Example is illustrated below.

As you can see I have chosen a wood grain texture for my base unit. The base unit is preconfigured to support two encoder motors in the rear, a caster wheel in the front and four support rods for our components layer. It is highly advisable during the design phase to  analyze all constraints to our autonomous navigating robot project. The ultrasonic sensor housing will need to be designed and taken into consideration when developing your base structure, as the sensor needs to be able to bounce off the walls in our maze.

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