25.10.19 Final Day

Today has been our final day of EIT. It consisted of going out to the field and truly flying the drones around. The second we got there I chucked the battery in my drone and took off, having an open space to fly it made it so much easier to control. Sadly the drone lost […]


Today is the first Friday of the school holidays. Luckily we were allowed to come in to work on our drones if we wanted to. Yesterday I came in to fix some issues which mainly included the controller and some soldering problems that I fixed up. Today though is a new story, today the drone […]


A Month Later… Since i last posted, a lot has happened. The Drone i made did not work out and had a few issues with it so i decided to redesign it. The new design is more streamlined than the previous, while its overall dimensions are larger, the body is smaller and lighter. The arms […]


Today consisted of me trying to convert my STL file into a format that the CNC would accept. The problem here is that I used Sketchup to design my drone but to get it working with the CNC I was to put it into Fusion 360, Fusion however refused to co-operate with non stop crashing […]


Today was spent designing our transmitters in Eagle CAD. We got each component and wired them in the schematic and then aligned them on the board, after that was done we were to auto route the wires. I managed after a few tries to align the components in the right spot to have all the […]


Today consisted of finishing my design, it doesn’t look like much but a lot of work went into make the top part for it and i am quite happy with how its turned out.


The last 2 weeks I have been away. This week I have worked on my design and in Fritzing on my circuit board to catch up. The drone frame is almost complete and I just need to make the top of it. The circuit board is almost done too.


Today consisted of making up the controller. We wired up the 2 joysticks with the arduino to simulate the controller. Afterwards we got the APM Pro Flight Controller out, installed Mission Planner and updated the firmware on them.


Today we got all our drone parts, counted them up and using the arduino kit we got at the start and the joystick from our drone kit we were told do make a code that utilized the joystick. After much confusion I managed to modify a base code to work with my setup. The way […]


Another day of designing. I have sorted out holes in the drone for bolts and also designed a battery holder which sits in the center of the drone. I ran into a problem with the arduino shield not fitting anywhere except the middle so i am going to create a mount above the battery which […]