Week 2 Term 4 Last week of trades (also my 17th Birthday)

This week at EIT i am finishing off my project and seeing what i can conclude as this is the last week of my course. Next week will be for prize giving only, so that means that what work i have turned in today will be what i am marked on for my standard and determine my grading. All and all i think i have been pretty productive this year and proud of what i have accomplished.

Early on we were given a task to design our own drone frame or chassis as i like to call it from fusion 360. This gave me more understanding of the engineering process required. After that we learned how to convert our design to g code for the miller to print it out of board and it we wanted to carbon fiber.

The progress on my drone is fine as its chassis design holds everything in place and is compacted enough to not be a bulky dreadnought in the sky. I learned a lot about how the drone can navigate by itself with the help of ultra sonic sensors and with adequate programming fly itself to an objective. I also learned how signals were both transmitted and received from the drone enabling you to control it.

I also researched what every components responsibility was for flight and how it attached and interlocked to the frame. And also how to solder it together and understand were every wire goes and interlock’s.

Other than that i am thankful for my tutors Steve and Nick and wish them for the best.

Week 4 Term 3

This week i noticed there was a problem with my design

there is gaps that are too wide or far apart. and there are slight inconsistancys inside the outer port holes where i attach the daughter board.

Week 3 Term 3 Ready To Mill

This week i am ready to progress through and mill my drone frame

Improved design

Here i have improved and extruded my design son that it is ready for milling
for this i had to add a border around the whole design at 300 millimeter length and 200 millimeter width.
making everything inside fit within.

As you can see this arm has drilled out holes in the top section to fit a certain type of motor.

Week 2 Term 3 Setup

This week at EIT we all had to complete our drone chassis as if we took longer we would be in a bad situation. we also begun our circuit board and customized it to our own designs while also finishing our drone frames.

I managed to finish mine completely without failing terribly and have got it to a standard to when we just have to mill it.

This is one step before i begin milling.

Week 1 Term 3 First day back at EIT

After our 2 week break we return to our stations to further on our drone project.

My objective was to finalize my drone body design so that Steve can mill out the design on our own milling machine the Roland MDX-40A. With this in mind we can make a test model made out of regular wood and then make the real one with carbon fiber.

This should be completed 2 weeks in the least as it gives us a lot of time to solder our components together, test them and refine our code.

Week 10 Last Day Of Term 2

This week we are finalizing our frame design before the term end so we are left in a good position in term 3 to cut out our circuit boards.

I have also refined my project for the rest of our 10 sessions so i know what to do when i get back to EIT.

Week 9 Term 2

This week at EIT we were instructed to produce a project plan to constantly apply new information to for a way to show progress.

Examples of paragraphs would be those about how far you’ve completed your drone frame what your code is capable of doing and small imputs about what your performance in general is like.

You also have to outline how long you would work per each section via code,frame,components,circuits and such.

Week 8 Term 2

This week at EIT we used both our receiving and transmitting codes in conjunction for our work today. We finally were able to try and see if we were competent enough to design a code that would function adequately for our drones. At the moment my receiving code could use some adjustments while i am currently working on my transmitting code.