week four eit

we work on our 3d printing slideshow

we got our fidget spinners started to print in the 3d printer

we had a look at what the 3d printer was doing to the fidget spinner


week two of eit

on the second day

I made a email for eit so I could join the Google classroom.

Then we looked at the fidget spinner slideshow.

then we went on fusion 360 to lean how to make an easy fidget spinner.

after I leaned how to use fusion 360 I tried making my own fidget spinner.

then I stared to work on my fidget spinner slideshow.

week three at eit

we did a meet and greet

we finished  2 designs of fidget spinners

we picked one of our design and got it ready to be 3d printed

we finished our fidget spinner slideshow


the first week of eit

on the first day

we got welcomed to eit.

we had some pizza and water and then we got put into our classes and were we go to.

we did a test on what we knew about computers.

I did not know a lot about computers.

we had a look at what things were on the computers.