Last day of the course and typing up about CSS coding

Cascading style sheets (css) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language Like HTML and java script. Introduced in December 22 1996, 22 years ago It was Developed by Hakon Wim Lie Bert Bos and the world wide web consortium Here’s a link showing some pictures

On the last day there isn’t really much to do all we are just doing our blogs and flying

Week 35 At EIT

Today i started checking if there was anything wrong with the transmitter or drone, turns out it was both of them so i started investigating all of the managed cables until i came across a few inbalances with the flight controller and motor cables were connected to the wrong areas of s1, s2, s3, s4 so i re- connected them to all slots, then tied string to wires for right power distribution. Here’s a video to watch and pictures for you to look at.

New batteries for the transmitter

ON week 33 At EIT

I had officially got my drone working on mission planner ,

-so what i have done today was change a few things in the settings menu before simulation Which were switching to COM 5 USB port , calibrate the flight controller, change the balance of motors from help of tutors so i can navigate something that is new to me.

Couldn’t have got nowhere without them which to be honest they did a great job keeping every student on task.

so after i moved on to the next task of taking pictures and upload some videos but then i had to convert them to 360p video quality so that the storage on the server does not RUN Out. * ByTE sAvInGs

Finally finishing with managing cables allover to prevent any damages during Drone fight and that’s all for today (pictures shown at bottom)

Click those download buttons if you want to see Mission planner and My working Drone.

Week 32

So this is my finished drone with the five ulrasonic sensors, arduino nano, APM flight controller, antenna and cables which were the last ones to do and locate them to each pin by coding which i can show yous here with these pictures….

The code for my remote

And the code for my ultrasonic sensors

I just got a few codings and tests to go through before actual flying but due to the fact that cannot happen because someone had some instability issues, it maybe have to do how the code has been written or voltage fluctuations through out the setup coming from the P.D.B (power distribution board).

The problems will be solved of how the power is transferred and codes will be stabilized…

WEEK 30 at EIT

This video is about the status of my drone finished now i have to wire and solder all the important components together for to get the piece of wood working.

Battery is placed on the lowest part of the drone so that there is not any stability issues while flying it also to say wood is not a really strong resource, but paper wood… OWO gone too fragile LOL but it will be fine as we are going to tie these things to beams in our building so no time is consumed making them of carbon fiber…

Ultrasonic sensor is placed on the back section so it gives it that retro- otic style

The arduino nano is tied and screwed to the top part but then something will be added to cover it as well as the rest

week- 23 at eit

This is my official drone print from my first one which i made so many terrible mistakes but that is all to be expected on Fusion 360P
The idea came from countless days of work designing parts to screw and solder esc’s, motors APM’s, ultra sonic sensors and where to put the battery.
No, seriously

This is my drone flight controller that i will be designing.

My official drone but it’s made of wood becaus e we did not have any more time to do the fiber glass prints … Now i’m trying to figure out how to fly this thing when it’s done probably lower the voltage on the 4 esc’s

Holiday work at EIT

This is my fully finished drone design ready to be printed soon and cut with a Rolland fiberglass cutting mill

This is an example of my Ardiuno setup i have got in real life.

later i will be making my own PCB (printed circuit board) in the frizzing and another app just in case if any problems occur