Swept Away – 10th March 2017

  • Setting up and doing program work on Thursday till 7:15pm.
  • Found that the Wall-wart DC plugs are bottoming out and aren’t fully going into the receptacle.
  • Students finished off Clawbot assembly. Team engineer inspected and the final inspection done by me. Teams had to correct mistakes before adding the electronics.
  • Teams researched how to link the TX controller with the RX on-board the Cortex and established a link.
  • Each team member experimented controlling the Clawbot on the floor outside of the arena.
  • 1st team finished then researched and assembled the arena. Found 1 green ball missing.
  • Each student of the team tried out the Clawbot in the arena abiding by the Swept Away rules.
  • Students were tasked with making notes of the rules and evaluating the Clawbot and its performance and design.
  • Students reminded of the need to submit their overdue robotics assignment by next Friday.
  • Was suggested that some background music maybe needed which could be a good idea. Students already come with their buds or h/phones, however I will ask the class and see what they think.

New Tech Room – 3rd March 2017

  • A late Thursday night (9:15pm) moving the mass of equipment into the new Tech room.
  • IT finished of imaging the computers just before the students arrived which was awesome.
  • The Clawbot kits were out on the benches ready for the students in their allocated teams to start the build.
  • Students did very well collaborating with each other when they weren’t sure on something and only occasionally referred to the master (tutor’s) bot.
  • Noticed on occasions that 1 team member was waiting on a task so reminded the team leader that they had a member of their team with no task. The team leaders responded appropriately and ensured that all members were allocated a task. This was awesome to see as I wasn’t sure if this would take place.
  • A short time was allocated for blogging.
  • Teams left having nearly finished their build and after they had left, I was able to scrutinise the build and make notes on what they had overlooked.

Students seemed very happy with the new room and the space that’s been provided. They all seemed very engaged and that was noted by other staff and their school representatives. They are very much looking forward to finishing them off next week and setting up the arena to compete in.