Iteration, a continuing cycle – 23 June 2017

  • Design chassis prototypes for the Arduino Mega bot – Locate specifications for board and use Ish’s diagrams as a reference for motor mount measurements. Students to measure (ruler/vernier calipers) ultrasonic sensor board and design a suitable holder. Students could also design a holder/mount to suit their phone for video purposes.
  • Teams to continue with mounting sensors to their Vex chassis and to finish off chassis.
  • Individually, start incorporating each sensor into students own code and test function.
  • Quick spiel on the importance of iteration and recording our iterative processes. Students will be given 45min to fill out their blog.

Arduino Rover – 16 June 2017

  • Design a robot chassis to suit Arduino Mega and Uno boards. Specifications found on Moodle. Design constraint – < 200mm x 200mm.
  • Students are to research/measure and design to allow room for sensor shield, motor driver board/s,  sensors – ultrasonic, line detection, encoders, bump switches and ldr and to allow for different batteries to be installed – Vex and AA pack.
  • Presentation on encoders – What they sense, how they work, single vs quadrature.
  • Continue with rebuilding Vex robots to incorporate sensors.
  • Blog.

Insert Title Here

  • Continue with designing a spinner on Fusion 360.
  • Export/Convert design to a .stl ready for print.
  • Setup resin printer with students and print off files.
  • Students back into teams to finish off converting their clawbot to more of a recbot design to incorporate bump sensors, shaft encoders, ultrasonic sensor and line sensors.
  • Students as a team to incorporate each sensor individually into their code to enable the bot to move forward and avoid an obstacle by performing a 90 degree point turn.