18th October 2019

Today’s the first week back of term 4.

Today our task today will be :

  1. editing and improving our blogs as to show anyone our progression through the year and give added detail on the processes we have used. Our grade is based on the amount of effort in and work we have put into the drone instead of how effective the drone is in its flying capabilities, we also need photo evidence of our work as well

20 and 27th September 2019 (it took two classes to fix

Today I attempted to attach my antenna onto my drone

It’s is harder than i through because I only had a small amount of room because the battery takes up roughly 90% of the space on the top. I might try and put the antenna as far to the side as I can because I want it as far away from the other parts as It might cause interference from the other parts (I doubt it would happen).

Another reason its going on the top is because it would get the best signal to the controller as it’s out of the way of all the other parts.

13th September 2019

We only have a few weeks left, two in the term and three in term Four.

Today I got my drone partly built, soldered quite a few bits today like the flight controller and the speed controller to each other and the got the speed controller connected to the motors, all that i need to do now is make the 2nd layer and connect everything up and test if it can fly or not

7th June 2019

Short update: Today at EIT we downloaded Mission Planner to be able to use the code for our joystick to see if they work and if it works we will be able to tell, Hopefully I have put the wires in properly and if not i will have to redo them as i  don’t want to short circuit them

6th September

Today I learned how to solder thanks to Steve and Nick, I also had to move my drone arms to the very bottom of my drone to make some more room for my Flight controller and my speed controller. As they were taking up too much room as none of my parts could fit

16th August 2019

Today I finished screwing in the last remaining screws in my drone, I had to make sure I used the small screws as if I used the bigger one they would go through the back of the motor and cause a short in the circuit and cause the motor to malfunction. Then started to plan out where i should place my things on my drone, this is the hardest part to do as i’m trying to keep it balanced and trying to fit everything into it with such a small space available.

2nd August 2019

Today we started making our controller in Eagle, next week hopeful we can finalize our controller and print it out, it hard to get the joysticks even and have enough room off the sides and make sure theirs enough room in case I need to add more continents later.

21th June 2019

Side Task: Today I started to make the transceiver and receiver, them fix the code to allow a light to turn on and off when I press in one of the joystick on the controller.

some of the time i had to go back into the code and improve my code with my personnel comments about how every worked together because i forgot to add those into it

24th May 2019

Small update: Today we make some code for our joystick for our controller, i couldn’t get a screenshot as it would let me put the screenshot up. So ill try put the screenshot up next week

28th June 2019

FIXES: Today I had to make a project plan showing my progress and demonstrating what i need to next time.

I also need to fix my drones arms, originally they were 10mm so I’m going to try make them 20mm instead