Week – 9 | Term 2 | 2019

The ninth day of EIT, Today I continued to work on last weeks work with transceivers / receivers code and breadboard. The breadboard I designed last week was now finished and all that was left to do was tinker with the transceivers / receivers code, it took me some time but after some help from […]

Week – 8 | Term 2 | 2019

The eighth day of EIT, today we worked on ‘Fritzing’ an application for code and board building. I used it to make a bread board to link dual joysticks to power a LED on and off, I finished the layout of the board but still need to finish off the code as its near finished. […]

Week – 5 | Term 2 | 2019

The fifth day of EIT, today we worked on designing a little bit and catching up on what happened last week, after that we were assigned new kits and were to write down a list of all parts. After writing our lists we worked on joystick coding through arduino. The day ended and we all […]

Week – 6 | Term 2 | 2019

The sixth day of EIT, this week we worked on coding with multiple ultrasonic sensors and something called ‘NewPing’ library on our arduino coding application, I was able to set it up and use it to record and show information of distances for both left and right sensor. The day ended and we all left.

Week – 7 | Term 2 | 2019

The seventh day of EIT, Today we were assigned to set up some of our arduino and drone kit to make a remote control that transmits information to a serial monitor. We used a example code and were told to mess around with it and see what we could do, I didn’t do much with […]