My design failed :(

When finished building I realised that my propeller arms aren’t at the same angle so that when the drone fly’s it won’t be stable so sadly I have to dismantle the frame and redesign my drone so hopefully i can finish before trades is over


As I arrive to class I see my drone cut from the CNC machine so I spent some of the lesson sanding my frame, then for most of the day I spent slowly constructing my drone


Today I finally sent my drone code to the CNC machine to be cut out of ply, so I hope I have my dimensions correct so I don’t have to make any corrections on fusion 360


Today we were instructed to code and construct a transmitter and transceiver with our Arduino Uno and nano.we had to code or transmitter and transceiver to turn on an LED when ether on retrieves and signal from one another

Coding my ultrasonic sensor

This week we started to code our ultrasonic sensors to measure distances to keep our drones for colliding into obstacles and to level out the drone.

Working with ultrasonic sensors

We returned from our two-week absents and straight back into work, so we had to design a little box to house the ultrasonic sensor on my drone and caring on with my drone frame.

25th May 2018

I was quite sad that i missed to lessons so i was behind a little with the coding we had to do. then i was trying to learn how to put the LED sensors on my robot and this was a struggle